What is You've Got Freight!?

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Description of the game

In You’ve Got Freight! players assume the role of a logistics service provider who is responsible to transport containers from a seaport to a hinterland destination, through a network with multiple origins, destinations, transport modes and intermodal terminals. During the game, players individually and collectively experience the opportunities and benefits of synchromodal transport.

Central elements in the game include varying costs and speeds of 3 modes of transport, the use of dynamic and flexible shipment planning and (un-)bundling possibilities at terminals. Players are challenged in multiple rounds to exploit the trade-off between benefits of collaboration and individual profits. During the game, they become aware of essential supporting aspects of synchromodal transport, such as trust, data sharing, negotiation and compensation. Eventually, group solutions can be found with a higher performance for all, compared to solutions developed in isolation.

The game is best played by 4 teams of 2 players, per board (game sets come with 2 boards). A game session can take up to several hours for multiple rounds. Importantly, we offer digital monitoring and support, as well as a pre- and post-game briefing of participants, to enhance the learning experience.

Reviews on YGF!

Layla Lebesque - Consultant in Logistics @ TNO

"I've enjoyed playing You've Got Freight! alot. It's an interactive game describing the complexity of synchromodal transport really well. The bottlenecks within the network immediately arise. Furthemore, the value of communication and cooperation is shown by the game while also demonstrating the complexity of planning the routes and modalities together"

Lori Tavasszi - Professor, Freight & Logistics @ Delft University of Technology

“A must-experience for all students, researchers and practitioners in logistics, who want to understand synchronized shipping of freight in multimodal networks.”

Oliver Schauer - Professor @ University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

 “YGF allows to experience the challenging mechanisms of synchromodality in a gamified, fun way”


You've Got Freight! offers the following products:

Fully facilitated gaming session

In a You've Got Freight! serious gaming session the players get in touch with the complex challenges embedded in synchromodality. The gaming sessions are fully adaptable to focus on the wishes of your organization. A session consist out of a half day program in which the payers get familiar with the game in several rounds. During and after the game session the players get involved in the dynamics of synchromodality due to the events and results of the game.

Full game package

Would you like to use the game within your company at your own convenience?  You've Got Freight! offers a fully inclusive serious gaming license package. The game package can be adjusted to your wishes and we offer training session for optimal use of the game package. Contact us for the possibilities!

Possible applications for YGF!

Are you looking for an activity to do with your team as a form of teambuilding? YGF! is an original activity and playing a game together is a good way to get to know each other a bit better

Discussion starter

With no exception playing YGF! results in a broad and deep discussion about diverse topics within the sector. Using events during the play of the game are related to real-life situations with the purpose to reflect on them and learn


Are you organising an event and are you looking for a fun yet interesting parf of the program? YGF! is your choice! It is not the first time YGF! will be part of a big event

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is inherent to playing YGF! During the game multiple situations occur which can be used as input for discussion. YGF! can be used as helpful measure to get a group of people to share knowlegde with eachother

Cooperation with stakeholders

Suppose you have a complex problem with multiple stakeholders who should work together. Whether the project is in its infancy or in a mature phase, YGF! could help to promote cooperation among the stakeholders and help getting your project to a succesful end.

Introduction to the transportation sector

For the younger people among us the transportation of goods is an unknown world. Voor these students YGF! is a measure for a first introduction to the transportation sector. YGF! is a simple game, easy to understand and fun to play!

Organisations that have played YGF!

Reviews on YGF!

Heide Lukosch - Associate Professor @ Delft University of Technology

“You’ve got freight is a professional and engaging way to explore synchromodal transportation options. Especially the role collaboration and communication plays in this field, is translated into a challenging and enjoyable game play. It’s serious work and a lot of fun at the same time!”

Frans Nieman - Rijkswaterstaat

"You've Got Freight! shows how the choice for a modality effects throughput time and usage of infrastructure very well, added with the essence of cooperation. It's a perfect measure to start a discussion about the ways of the transport of goods!"

You've Got Freight & Synchromodality

The transported number of goods has grown a great deal over the last decades leading to new challenges in the transportation sector. The transportation sector is faced with stricter emission regulation next to growing demands from the consumers in delivery time. The use of different modalities combined in one network to transport goods in an efficient, sustainable and flexible fashion through synchromodality is the way forward. The many different parties that are involved in the transport sector with conflicting interest make it a complex problem to solve.

In order to make synchromodality viable the different parties involved in the transportation sector need to work together. To create a deeper insight in the complex issues behind synchromodality we created the serious game You’ve Got Freight! Serious gaming has been used for years for educational purposes and to create awareness.


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